Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live. Socrates Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles. Thomas Browne When one realizes that his life is worthless he either commits suicide or travels. Edward Dahlberg Awareness without action is worthless. Phil McGraw.

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Here are 80 of Albert Einstein ‘s most insightful quotes: 1. “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”–. Albert Einstein. 2. “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.”. – Albert Einstein. 3. "Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out." Otherwise, the alternative is to tell ourselves that our dreams are worthless and keep trudging through day by day. This has to be the most simple and short inspirational quote yet. It if you aren't going to make yourself. Take some of these quotes as advice or share them with someone else who might be hurting. Being Hurt Quotes and Sayings. 20. You will never understand how worthless you have made me feel. 21. It is amazing how just a few words can just tear you apart inside.

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This is the play's direct cry to human dignity. The thesis of Linda's speech - and of Salesman as a whole - is that all men deserve respect and attention. No human being is disposable. No man should die without feeling he mattered. You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away - a man is not a piece of fruit. The meaning of WORTHLESS is lacking worth : valueless. How to use worthless in a sentence. I did not deny God’s existence, but I doubted his absolute justice." (Chapter 3) Wiesel and his alter ego witnessed more than anyone, let alone a teenage boy, should ever have to see. He had been a devout believer in God, and he still didn't. I have seen the vision and for self I cannot live; Life is less than worthless till my all I give. – Oswald J. Smith. 23. It is easier to be an excessive fanatic than to be consistently faithful, because God causes an amazing humbling of our religious conceit when we are faithful to Him. – Oswald Chambers. 24. I pray, and I obey. – David. The meaning of WORTHLESS is lacking worth : valueless. How to use worthless in a sentence.

When you feel useless or worthless, there are a million quotes that can motivate you to stay positive and keep trying for the best.You can read some quotes on daily basis to stay inspired. Also, if you know someone who is losing their confidence and feeling useless then you can send some quotes to motivate him.. Here you will find the best and famous quotes about feeling.

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worthless definition: 1. having no value in money: 2. not important or not useful: 3. having no value in money: . Learn more. However, the fact that we cannot examine the causes of events on the basis of legitimations does not render these documents worthless as historical evidence. Knowledge is power but without action is useless. There is no point being a genius if you don’t use your intelligence and knowledge for something. Knowledge is like bullets and action is like a gun. If you don’t have a gun (action), you can’t do much with the bullets (knowledge). But if you don’t have bullets (knowledge), you can still. Inspirational quotes can help motivate us and create a positive outlook on life and work when we need it most. They do so by harnessing the power of Inspirational Quotes. The power of positive thinking is remarkable. When you think of something that brings you joy, your brain actually releases endorphins.

Shakespeare's Insults. You can tell by the hundreds of imaginative biting quips in Shakespeare's plays that the man adored a good insult. The following is small collection of the very best of Shakespeare's jabs and affronts.

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